Welcome to Catechism Songs

This is a long term project to provide music and contemporary resources for the Westminster shorter catechism.   Our first CD covering questions 1-38 is a great devotional resource for introducing yourself to the catechism and beginning to learn it.   Our 2nd CD covering questions 86-107 sets music to the sections covering the Word, Sacraments, and the Lord’s Prayer.  This is a wonderful devotional addition to the first CD.

Volume 2 (Questions 86-107) Now Available! – Order through BandCamp

Volume Two covers the questions on the Sacraments and the Lord’s Prayer (86-107)

(c) 2011 Matt Kirkland

You can listen to demo’s and order the CD @:

Bandcamp | CdBaby | Itunes | Amazon

The Shorter Catechism CD, Vol1. Questions 1-38

Shorter Catechism, Vol.1

Links to listen and purchase the CD:

Cdbaby | Itunes  | Amazon  | BandCamp

to order by email or via paypal, or for bulk others:

cardiphonia (at) gmail (dot) com



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7 responses to “Welcome to Catechism Songs

  1. Melinda

    Any news on Shorter Catechism CD #2?

  2. Paul Gaffney

    Do you have any songs (mp3) of the WSC #45-82 done yet. I teach this section WSC third graders at my church and would like to use your music if it’s available. Please answer this ASAP as I am starting very soon.

  3. Michael

    Hey Mr. Benedict,
    I was just introduced to Volume 1 of your catechism project, and I’ve got to say that it’s the best CD I’ve purchased all year. Thanks so much for doing this, and I really hope we’ll see Volume 2 from you at some point in the future.

  4. Michael

    This is the response I got:

    “hi mike,

    thanks for the note and the support.

    I’ve written all the music to the 2nd catechism CD and am in the slow process of recording the album.

    Can’t really say when it will be out but I will send you an email to let you know.”

    And the Cardiphonia website says that the next Volume will actually skip ahead to questions 84-107.

  5. I purchased one copy of Vol. 1 from Amazon to use to help members of our catechism study group to memorize the catechism. Will you allow me to make copies for every member of our catechism study group without purchasing more copies? In other words, what is your duplication policy for this album?

  6. JC

    Mr. Bruce Benedict,
    This website says you’ll release Volume 2 in September 2011. We look forward to the release within the next 3 days! 🙂
    (It’s Sept. 27, 2011 today)

  7. Bruce
    I too am interested in when your second album for the Catechism will be released. I appreciate the care and work you put into the instrumentation and vocalization in this first album. It makes it pleasant for listening and the melody and words are memorable. I realize others have done a similar project–and I thank God for them–but my family and I like the overall quality in your work better than what others have done. I eagerly await your next set of songs.
    Thank you.
    Mark Gring

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