(c) Matt Kirkland

I began writing music to the westminster shorter catechism while I was a divinity student at Reformed Theological Seminary in Orlando, FL.  One of my friends dared/begged me to do it.  Since we had to memorize a portion of the shorter catechism as a graduation requirement people used all sorts of tricks to accomplish this during the last couple of months of school as they were scurrying to graduate, find jobs, and keep their sanity.  Once of these tricks was making copies of an ancient cassette that contained barely discernible songs to the catechism.  They were pretty horrible. Since I was one of the resident ‘worship guys’ a friend said I should take a shot at writing music to the texts.  It was a great idea. I attempted a couple and was happy enough with the outcome to make it a long term project.  After working on it for over 10 years I’ve finished tunes to 60 of the 107 questions.  If you want the rest (The questions covering the ten commandments) you’ll have to head over to Holly Dutton’s site and order her cd’s.  They are fantastic as well!

If you would like me to come speak or perform these songs for your church you can contact me at the google form below.

Bruce Benedict

Worship and Community Life Director
Christ the King Presbyterian Church, Raleigh NC
Creative Director