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Paul Levy, Pastor of IPC-Ealing in West London

“Bruce Benedict has done this great CD which is an enormous help in memorisation. It drives my wife mad but once I hit question 20 it’s my only hope of getting it stuck in my mind. I look forward to the day when  someone will actually sing their answers in a Presbytery exam.” – from Reformation21 Blog

James Grant,Jr., Pastor of Trinity Reformed Church, Rossville, TN

“My favorite musical CD of the Shorter Catechism is by Bruce Benedict. We used his songs to pass the Shorter Catechism test at RTS. Go here to see volume 1, which includes the first 38 questions…”  From James’ In Light of the Gospel Blog

Martin Downes, Pastor of Christ Church Deeside (North Wales)

On Sunday we held our first catechism class. There were fifty of us lined up for the start of the marathon…Bruce Benedict has set the catechism to “quirky, folky music” to help memorization. I think he has done a grand job of it.  You can get hold of the cd/downloadable mp3 plus some samples here. Have a listen. And at just $8 for Q. 1-38 I’d really encourage you to buy it. from Martin’s Against Heresies blog


from teachers, parents, students, and pastors…

This is great!
I love it and will be sharing with my church and kid(s).

This is the one I’ll be using with my children!
A fabulous CD–Mr. Benedict has a wonderful penchant for setting the very irregular meter of the catechism to very naturally flowing, catchy tunes. The CD has very nice melodies which will be enjoyed by young and old alike. Highly recommended!!!

Anticipating Vol II
We love the songs and are using them for our homeschool. The Westminster Catechisms have always been a part of our curriculum. We have 4 boys ages 15 down to 4 and they are all auditory learners. The CD is helping them hide the principles of Scripture in their hearts and the acoustic style suits our taste. We have recommended it to our fellow learners. Thank you for producing such a fine piece of music and rendition of historical Church doctrine.

My husband won’t stop singing.
We wanted an easy way to learn the Shorter Catechism, and this is doing the trick. We are expecting twins, and know that we need to have it memorized if we expect them to learn it. Hopefully the rest of the questions will be done by the time they are ready to learn them 🙂

Love it!
I love this CD! Great songs, great idea. I can’t wait for the next installation!

Shorter Catechism Vol. 1
This is excellent music. Very well done.

VERY impressive…. I love it!
This is an amazing project. What an undertaking! Bruce pulls it off with style. The music is folk-rock, well-layered, and the vocals are very clean. This is quality- simple, joyful, and reverent. Bruce, if you are reading this, we went to RTS together once upon a time. Wonderful work, and I look forward to the next CD. And may Christ encourage you as you listen to this beautiful work.

These CDs are great!
These CDs are great! I listen and sing along on my way to work. I am really looking forward to 39-107. Great work Bruce! Praise the Lord that you use your gifts to serve in this way.